Monday, 11 October 2010

well well well.

My goodness, a lot has happened. I've started uni, had my 20th birthday, and left uni. All in two weeks! So first of all, I would like to share with you my freshers week snaps!

Housemates, I miss them loads.
Dom's dunk tank party (Dick was ill!!)

Had literally just turned 20, and stolen Liams cider! Also spent about an hour trying to wash those whiskers off!!

Sam and me on my birthday!

So I started my course, and hated it. I realised it's not what I want to be doing at all. So now I am home, job hunting. I loved living at uni, my housemates are awesome, but university is not for everyone. I wish there was more support for people who don't want to go to university!!

I did have a really good birthday, I turned 20 while we were at the foam party, 2 minutes later nearly died in the foam. Kept stealing my friend Liams drinks. Had birthday chips on the way home. Then the next day my family came to visit with lots of presents. Then the boyfriend came and gave me the best presents! He got me a duck umbrella, which I refer to as DUCKBRELLA, a twister towel, complete with dice so we can play twister and tickets to Britains Next Top Model Live!! I actually can't wait! Then yesterday he took me to London and got me some really lovely stuff, worker boots (which he picked out!), a hollister top, a jacket and a scarf. What a lucky girl I am!

Lottie xx

Thursday, 23 September 2010

a disappearing act

I now have 2 days till I move into my flat in the halls at my uni! So I am apologising now for a possible lack of posting over the next few days! I'm getting there with the packing. The mound of junk in my room is ever growing! Even though my life is mostly in boxes I still don't feel like I'm actually moving. It's quite scary really!

Last night the boy took me to the cinema to see The Other Guys. It was actually pretty good, just like an American version of Johnny English. Will Ferrell just makes me laugh so much!! Also yesterday I dyed my hair dark brown again. I naturally have quite dark hair but have had so many highlights I have to dye it back to my normal colour. I have no photos because I am still in my jim jams cause I packed most my clothes, and I look a mess, but no doubt there will be some from freshers week!

Lottie xx

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

fine dining.

Monday night the boy took me too Chiquitos for our 2 month anniversary dinner (although it feels like we've been together for so much longer!). Dinner was so yum though. We shared potato skins to start with (this is tradition now, we went there once before and shared them, now it has to be done everytime!) which are just soooooo nice. Then I had veggie bean quesidillas, and potato wedges. The boy had tiger prawn fajitas, which looked yuck, but he enjoyed them :) It was lovely. Then we went back to his house and watched The Inbetweeners. So funny.

Yesterday I had a farwell lunch with 2 of my best friends before we go to university. We went to this cute little french cafe in a little village near us. It was so lovely, and absolute bargins!! I had the most lovely goats cheese and red onion salad, which is like my most favourite thing ever, and then I had a crepe with lemon and sugar for puds. It was so good to catch up with the girls, but sad to say bye to them, probably untill christmas.

Last night the boy came round and had bought me Milky Bar yogurts, they are my favourite things ever! What a lovely boy I have got myself.

Woah what a foodie post.

Lottie xxx

Monday, 20 September 2010

it's a horrorshow.

On Saturday night we had the offical games room opening. I attempted to get pictures of everyone playing ping pong, decided that pool and darts were too hard to take pictures of, too much concerntration is required.

my brother sneaking into a shot of the boyfriend.

This is what happens when you give your boyfriend the camera.

Yesterday I think I was the most lovely girlfriend ever, I got up at 8.30 and went to watch the boy play football. Yes, 8.30 on a Sunday morning. He lost 9-2! Then I watched football with him AND watched him play in another game, which they won. How nice am I? Today is our 2 month anniversary. We're going to Chiquitos for dinner. Mexican food is just so yummy. I can't wait. I am willingly starving myself all day so I can fit in potato skins to start and then probably some Enchiladas :) YUM. My tummy is rumbling thinking about it. But I've got to find something nice to wear!! aah.

I haven't done much more packing, but I have cleaned all my junk out the car. It was a sad moment. I did get my freshers wristband, it did cost £50 (which I don't really have) but it gets me into all the freshers events at uni. There's Dick and Dom, a foam party, The Wanted (who I'm not that keen on, but I'll go) and Chase and Status. So it should be a pretty good week! Only 5 days now.

Lottie xx

P.S hello followers :) thank you x

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Friday Flowers.

So I started packing properly. All stuff for my kitchen and bathroom is packed. As well as books, CD's, DVDs, posters, other decorative items and some items of fancy dress. But I am seriously dreading tackling clothes and shoes next week! Will be an actual mission. Plus I actually tidied my room a bit today!

Last night I was playing pool in the games room waiting for the boyf to come round. Then my phone started ringing, it was boyf telling me to come outside, he was stood on my driveway with the most pretty boquet of pink and white flowers. He said they were my friday flowers, which is just so cute because my dad gets my mum friday flowers every now and then. It made me smile a lot.
Tonight we're having the official opening of the games room, which is basically us all trying to play pool, darts and ping pong, whilst drinking! Good times to be had :)

Lottie xx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

oh hello job.

so today i had a job interview to work in the theatre near my uni. i have a trial shift next week. so that'd be awesome. but its like quite casual work so i'm gonna look for other casual jobs, thinking maybe promotions? hmm. we'll see!
i'm getting pretty excited about uni, but i cannot be bothered to pack! its just like massive effort. someone inspire me. or tell me how to pack? i can't wait for freshers week though! i got asked last night to take part in a freshers video diary thing for the university tv channel thing. so i'll be recording the start of my uni adventure on video!!! i'll post links if i can :) i've also ordered my carnage tshirt and im going to order my stamina one when the boyf gets here! there's so much going on. i cant wait!!

Lottie x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

i decided to join the blogging world.

hi there.
i'm just your average nearly 20 year old starting university in a week or so. i decided to start a blog to record all the memories i'm going to have over the next few years. i guess this blog will have lots of photos and funny stories and just general stuff about the things i am interested in.

i'm studying dance and culture at university, i love dance, i've danced since i was 2. i'm also really interested in fashion, make up, music and football! football, you may think thats a bit unexpected, but i watch every home game of my team, and go to as many of the boys games as i can.
keep checking back to see what i'm up to :) don't be a stranger, follow, comment or whatever. i don't bite :)
lottie x